As a convention, Harbin Institute of Technology is the organizer and will not participate in this competition. Groups and individuals from other units can sign up for the competition.


The prize money is set as follows:
RMB 10000 for the Champion;
RMB 6000 for the second place;
RMB 4000 for the third place.
According to the convention, the champion team of this competition will have the priority to organize the CTOC 12.


  1. Registration will not be accepted after the deadline.
  2. Each team can only register one account, and the maximum number of team members is 12 (including the team leader).
  3. Each person is only allowed to use one account, and one person is not allowed to use multiple accounts to submit. The results are submitted 5 times a day, and the results submitted after the deadline for submission is invalid. The specific time is subject to the website timestamp.
  4. To register, you need to choose your email and click the Get Password button. Then the website will email you the random password. You can change the password in UserCenter. We hope you can use the official email address of your school or research institution to register.


  1. The team must submit its solution file through the website.
  2. The organizer evaluates the team's solutions based on the design indicators and displays the results and rankings in real time on the leaderboard. The displayed result is the optimal solution among the solutions submitted by the team.
  3. If there is a technical problem of our website, please contact us via the email .


Any form of cheating against the competition rules is considered a threat against the CTOC community and will lead to consequences such as disqualification from the competition, banning, and deactivation of accounts.


  1. Uphold the principles of equality and respect in competitions and exchanges.
  2. Please civilized and friendly discussion in the community discussion and do not ask the same question multiple times.
  3. If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact us via the email .