CTOC11-The Website of 11th China Trajectory Optimization Competition

The 11th China Trajectory Optimization Competition is being hosted by The Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and is being organized by Harbin Institute of Technology in 2020.

Launched by the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in 2009, CTOC aims to provide a learning and communication platform for continuous in-depth understanding of spacecraft, carry out early exploration for future engineering practice, promote innovation in interplanetary orbit optimization and exchange ideas between researchers in optimization and astrodynamics.

As a convention, Harbin Institute of Technology is the organizer and will not participate in this competition. Groups and individuals from other units can sign up for the competition.

We sincerely invite all interested researchers or research teams to sign up for CTOC 11.

Competition Schedule

01 Registration 9.1-9.27
  • 1 September,12AM BJT - Registration opens
  • 27 September,12AM BJT - Registration closes
02 Posting the Problem 9.20
  • 20 September,12AM BJT - CTOC11 problem is posted on this website
03 Solution Submission 9.27-11.9
  • 27 September,12AM BJT - Beginning of solution submission period
  • 9 November,12AM BJT - Ending of solution submission period
04 CTOC11 Workshop 12.25-12.27
  • 25 December - On-site registration
  • 26-27 December – The conference of CTOC11


The prize money is set as follows:
RMB 10000 for the Champion;
RMB 6000 for the second place;
RMB 4000 for the third place.
According to the convention, the champion team of this competition will have the priority to organize the CTOC 12.

Contact Us

This website is a preliminary product and its features are not complete. If you have any problem or suggestion, please contact us via the email support@ctoc11.cn. Moreover, we also welcome everyone to actively speak in the discussion area.